Astrology in perspective

Astrology is the study of how the planets and their positions relative to each other have an effect on us. Most people know about their Sun sign, if you are born August 29th you are a Virgo, but there is so much more to this art and science than that. We all have what is called a Natal Chart, or Birth Chart, a kind of energy imprint of where the planets were in relation to us at the time we took our first breath. This planetary fingerprint is unique for each of us and sets the tone for our lives.

The Sun is joined by the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and more to make up who you are. The Moon shows our emotional state for example, how we handle crisis situations, and what we take comfort in. Through understanding the placements of the planets we can get to know and accept ourselves in an authentic way. Problem areas in our lives can be pinpointed, understood, and ways to work with them identified.

Your Natal Chart offers an objective, birdseye view of you, allowing you to augment the positive and work through the negative. It is a powerful transformative tool for your growth.

Using it as a base we can also look at where the planets are now and how these energies are affecting you and how to work with them for your benefit. Sometimes it can be helpful just to understand that “This too shall pass” and that a particularly hard aspect won’t be around forever. Taking a look at the current Transits, as they are called, can give us an idea of where it would be best to put our focus at this time.

Astrology can help you better understand and communicate with your loved ones as well as understand how you love and what you look for in a partner. By studying both of your charts we can pinpoint areas of contention and differences in viewpoint or communication style. It is a powerful first step in having empathy for the other person that can then be built upon in subsequent sessions.

I have yet to meet the person who can not benefit from knowing themselves better. Once the knowledge is there acceptance and self love can follow.

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What is a Transformational Astrologer?

Someone who uses Astrology as a tool to facilitate greater self understanding and help build a solid foundational structure for self-empowerment. Someone who helps you go deep into a particular Astrological energy within yourself, understand its roots, and shows you that it can be turned into a positive and powerful force in your life.

The Science of Astrology

There is a science to Astrology. We may not be able to understand all the variables at play yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t use what we do know in the meantime. According to Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson, we think we know maybe 4% of what there is to know about the Universe and how it works. So it is very likely that the phenomenon of how the planets are able to affect us in such in depth, fascinating ways dwells within the other 96%.

For over 5,000 years humans have looked to the stars and the planets and noted, over time, a link between their movements and our behavior. Astrology is the ongoing study of that link. We don’t have all the answers but collectively we have come a long way and have figured out some pretty cool stuff. Ironically, to dismiss Astrology outright is incredibly Unscientific.

Trying to grasp the “how” of Astrology is a topic nearly every Astrologer engages in on a regular basis. How can the planets have any effect on our lives? You only have to take a look at the word Lunacy to see that the phases of the moon have an observable influence on our behavior. Guards in prisons are put on high alert around the full moon and teachers see a noticeable difference in their students during this time as well. And traffic accidents have been noted to quadruple during periods of high sun spot activity.

So science has already shown that large planetary objects do indeed have an effect on us. It is not a stretch then to see that the frequencies, radiation, and gravitational pull of these truly massive bodies that share our cosmic neighborhood might have an influence on us. We know that sound waves, whether detectable consciously or not, have an effect on our brains.We also know that each planet is emitting a different frequency. You can listen to snippets of them here.It is rather neat.

I bring this up because it offers one small glimpse into how the planets could be having an effect on our behavior. And this is only extracted from the maybe 4% that we think we might know about how the Universe works. There is likely a whole different angle out there that we don’t even have an inkling of the tools needed to measure it yet.

Luckily we don’t need to fully understandhow it works to be able to observe its effects and use what we know and can see to our benefit.

Cave men may not have understood the law of thermodynamics but that didn’t stop them from utilizing fire. Astrology is not perfect, but no science is. I practice Astrology and not one consultation has gone by where I wasn’t taught something new about how an aspect or set of aspects was manifesting in someone’s life. It is an honor and a privilege to be an Astrologer, no matter how it works, the outcomes are what I am interested in.

I have empirically and systematically studied hundreds of charts and the piece of mind, sense of strength, empowerment, healing, and self acceptance that a session gives to people is nothing short of amazing. I encourage you to be skeptical, but also to not dismiss what you have not yet studied. I offer a money back guarantee on my consultations so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it yourself.

A big part of why I decided to join Cardinal Point was to be able to bring Astrology out of the shadows and Sun Sign columns and into practical application in our daily lives. Whatever the mechanism behind Astrology it offers a powerful and unique tool for better understanding ourselves and each other. In the end that is all that matters…though it won’t stop me from continuing the search for answers…it just isn’t in my Chart. ;)



The current placement of the planets has a direct and personal impact on each of us depending on our natal charts.


There are 14 Planets that I regularly look at in a chart and in transit. Planets in Astrology are not limited to the 8 that we know of as planets today but include any Astrological Body that holds significant sway over us.


There are 12 Signs of the Zodiac, each one corresponding to a House and Planet/s and sharing its energy.


There are 12 Houses of the Zodiac, each one corresponding to a Sign and Planet/s and sharing its energy.